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Bitcoin and Paypal money transfer service the most favorable rate

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 Bitcoin and Paypal money transfer service the most favorable rate

We provide Paypal and Bitcoin transfers

The first direction of the exchange of PayPal to Bitcoin and ether
Minimum exchange rate $5000 PayPal from us price of this service $500 BTC-ETH from you

Second direction of Bitcoin to Bitcoin or Ether exchange
Minimum exchange rate $5000 BTC from us the price of this service $2.500 BTC-ETH from you

The first thought why such a rate is not profitable for me the answer to this and other questions will be in my trading thread on the forum and in my telegram channel

                       Advantages of working with me over other services and sellers

1.On my channel you can see the entire history of money transfers to my clients! This is a Paypal transfers video where I show the balance at the time of recording, the transfer itself, the date of the transfer, the history of transfers. No other service or merchant does that! At the moment I have 350 remittance videos on Telegram alone prnt.sc/9tHhgGH7fg1W

2.You can also see my bitcoin wallets where I show my balance, history of transfers to my buyers and receiving money from them. I also fully show the overall history of the wallet and all the information about it! No one will ever show you this!

3.I have 630 reviews on the forum so far on 15/10/22
4.Deposit of a large amount was made on the forum

My channel Telegram link bit.ly/3yMwpl5 , where a demonstration of everything I wrote above.

My trading thread on the forum link bit.ly/3SMZepd where you can read reviews and understand why this exchange  low price and read detailed information

I answer messages or on the forum link I gave you above or in my Telegram channel
Before you write to me, read all the information in detail on the forum.
My contacts are on Telegram @Draizenshop bit.ly/3yMwpl5
on the forum @Bruce  bit.ly/3SMZepd

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