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Trophies Requirements

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You Can Earn this Trophies By Completing the Requirements as follows :-

output-onlinepngtools (3).png

Cyber King 

You need to have More Than 500 Topics & 50 Posts

output-onlinepngtools (4).png

Trusted Rhino

Become Most Trusted Member

output-onlinepngtools (5)-min.png

Reputed Beast

You need to have More Than 1000 Reputation

output-onlinepngtools (6)-min.png

Posting Bull

You need to have More Than 100 Topics

output-onlinepngtools (9).png

Premium King

Buy Platinium Membership atleast once

output-onlinepngtools (8)-min.png

Golden Tiger

Buy Gold Membership atleast once

output-onlinepngtools (10)-min.png

Known Hunter

Member for atleast 1 year old



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