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  1. Combolist type: Email:Pass Proxies: USE HQ PROXIES FOR GOOD CPM Capture:Auto-Renewal & Payment Type Suggested Bots: 100 [Hidden Content]
  2. Email/User:EMAIL Proxies: work good with free proxies Capture: EMAIL:PASS| | nflTicket = MLB EXTRA INNINGS 2019 | Package = PREMIER | Addons = HBO|SHO|MAX|STZ | AutoPay = true | Last Payment = $227.57 | Received on = 08/20/2019 |By-IpProxies Recommended Bots: 100-150 OB Version : Anomaly 1.3.9 Last checked: 31/08/2019 SUBSCRIBE EXPIRED AND FREE ACCOUNT GO TO CUSTOM [Hidden Content] I give credit where credit is due andd thank you lpProxies. You are an amazing config maker.
  3. Name: rk-GetFlixAU Proxies: yes Data: user:email Bots: 100-150+ OB Version : Anomaly 1.3.6 Last checked: 16/08/2019 Capture: Subscription [Hidden Content]
  4. User:Pass Captures:Username AccountID Email Subscriber VIP Currency Created Banned Games (Currently only shows One game! [Hidden Content]
  5. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Subscription, Auto Bill, Next Billing, Payment Type Recommended Bots: any Example: Plan = HBON Finland monthly subscription | Auto Renew = true | Payment Method = PayPal | Next Bill Date = 7/1/2019 [Hidden Content]
  6. ComboType: Email/Pass Proxies: Yes Bots: 100 [Hidden Content]
  7. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Services, Product, Status Recommended Bots: anyCapture Example [Hidden Content]
  8. Email/User: Email/User Proxies: Yes/Proxyless works too Capture: Hit = Premium Recommended Bots: 40 [Hidden Content]
  9. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Subscription Recommended Bots: any [Hidden Content]
  10. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Captures Loyalty Card Recommended Bots: any [Hidden Content]
  11. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Plans, Expire, Payment Type Recommended Bots: any [Hidden Content]

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