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We are looking for staff members to have this forum grow. If you have any skills with compiling C++, or Python or any other lanquage message me please.

If you are a config maker for Storm, Sentry, Letsbruteit, Or Openbullet let me know and we will increase you rank but of course you have to prove yourself first before we move you up in rank. This goes for Active people as well as Cracker, Moderator, Super moderator. Also we will be posting in VIP section if your looking for VIP just message me and i will get it done. Dont message me if your just learning or you say you can do things but you cant. It will waste my time and your. I will always keep an eye on you to see how you are doing. And all configs must be your own and not from another forum cause i will know. Please apply in the application section and i will always check it.



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Hello sir. 


    I am new to your site and want to work with you guys. I am a programmer, spammer, carder, cracker and loader. I am working with fraudstercrew.su as a moderator. And now left them. Want to work with you I am experience in invasion community. I have worked it on 2-3 years for my customer find on freelancer. 


If u still need someone and find me helpful. Please inbox me at telegram 



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