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Fake Crypto Exchange website For LOTTERY And PRIZE SCAMS


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What will you get?

The full source code of the website and the read me file, teaching you how to easily install within minutes on any hosting platform.

You will also get automated bots for sms,email sending to unlimited people for spamming.

Additionally ,you will get ready made scam scripts e.g is given below

Lifetime support is included  via the attached email and telegram contact when you buy..

Note that I give live demo and admin panel screenshots in private.

* Functionality:

On the site it is possible:

- Sent fake balance to any user on the site

- add different types of currencies / adding a crypt to your wallet

- fake withdrawal to various platforms

- communicating via support through the admin panel

- working with victim logs (ip / country / city)

- victim block on the site / site block for anyone

- Manipulate trading margins and make pump and dump scams

- Be able to create promo codes like mentioned below

To withdraw their prize, they just need to make a verifying deposit by btc going directly to your wallet


Example of ready made scam scripts you will get:

Greetings from the whole team,

SwissBankBITCOIN EXCHANGE, Mr. Jonathan from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


Congratulations !!  You are  one of the Lucky winners,
Your number was selected as one of the lucky winners of the Swiss Bank Bitcoin lottery prize competition of 2021.
In a charity draw of btc,which was arranged by our Trading Platform together with our dear investors in  order to attract new customers and make  people happy for the new year 2021 also as per covid 19,we decided to attract new participants and thank those who have already registered,(we are almost close to 10k so a huge congrats to them)
The total amount of the draw was 19.65 BTC.Log in to your account or, if you are not already a member,create your account  and receive your prize of $18965 / 0.47 BTC.

Your unique promo code:  oKz4A4OKtIHt


-Important notice: you can continue to invest or withdraw immediately your prize.
-Do not give the promo code as it is unique to you.
-You can activate your personal promo code on the settings tab when you create your account,under <Referral program>
In case of any problems ,we are alway online to answer your queries via support


Note: The Bitcoin price is always going up and down so your sum will fluctuate

SBC BITCOIN EXCHANGE Team wishes you a Lucky New Year 2021!!


If you dont want to buy the website,you can work for us starting for free .


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